Amazon Hiring Freshers for High-Potential Roles in India 2023

E-commerce giant, Amazon has exciting new job openings for fresh graduates in India. The company is hiring for two roles that provide immense learning and growth opportunities – Catalog Associate and Content Writer. These positions offer a chance for freshers to kickstart their careers at one of the top tech firms globally.

Amazon hiring freshers

Why Amazon?

Amazon is one of the pioneering forces shaping the future of technology. Founded in 1994 as an online bookstore, the company has expanded into a variety of products and services including cloud computing, streaming, and artificial intelligence.

Some key facts about Amazon:

  • Global technology firm with over 1.6 million employees worldwide
  • Ranked #2 on Fortune World’s Most Admired Companies list
  • Market cap of over $1 trillion, among top valuations globally
  • Invests heavily in R&D, with $42 billion spent in 2021
  • Known for innovations like Alexa, AWS, Kindle, Prime, Marketplace

Amazon is also expanding rapidly in India with 700,000+ employees currently. The e-commerce business has revolutionized online shopping in India. The AWS cloud platform and Alexa AI are transforming enterprises and consumers.

Working at Amazon provides unmatched opportunities to be part of pioneering innovations. Employees get to work on complex challenges at scale and deliver products used by millions globally. The experience of working with leading experts in their fields is invaluable for fresh graduates.

Catalog AssociateContent Writer
Job ID23978072401244
TeamCatalog team, GlowRoad (Amazon company)Alexa Data Services (ADS)
Role DescriptionManage product catalogs across categories. Coordinate with vendors and category managers. Identify and fix catalog errors. Conduct catalog audits and onboard new products. Mentor associates.Create diverse writing assignments to train AI models for Alexa. Assess AI-generated text for accuracy. Ensure content quality and policy compliance. Analyze data to improve guidelines.
Key Skills DevelopedE-commerce cataloging
Quality control
Account management
Team management
AI training data creation
Content research
Data analytics
Quality control
EligibilityGraduate degree
Proficient in MS Office
Graduate/Master’s degree in writing/linguistics
Strong writing skills
Logical thinking
Open to night shifts
BenefitsCompetitive salary
Performance bonus
Stock options
Insurance, retirement benefits
Competitive salary
Performance bonus
Stock options
Insurance, retirement benefits
Application Deadline10th September 202310th September 2023

Catalog Associate Role

Job ID: 2397807 | Sociofy Enterprise Private Limited

Location: Bangalore

The Catalog Associate position is with the Catalog team at GlowRoad, an Amazon company focused on Tier 2 and 3 cities in India.

As a Catalog Associate, your responsibilities will include:

  • Creating and managing product catalogs across multiple categories
  • Coordinating catalog data requirements with vendors and category managers
  • Identifying and resolving catalog errors and issues
  • Conducting catalog audits and tracking daily tasks
  • Onboarding new products by setting targets and monitoring progress
  • Training and mentoring other associates in catalog management

This role provides the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of e-commerce catalog management. You will get insights into cross-functional coordination with sellers, vendors, and internal teams. The high growth planned for GlowRoad also offers scope to take on additional responsibilities over time.

Skills Developed

As a Catalog Associate, you will develop these key skills:

  • E-commerce cataloging: Structuring product data, managing catalog taxonomy, handling product onboarding
  • Quality control: Auditing catalogs, identifying errors, enforcing data standards
  • Analytics: Tracking KPIs like new product uploads, catalog quality metrics
  • Account management: Coordinating catalog requirements with vendors and sellers
  • Team management: Mentoring and training other associates


  • Graduate degree in any discipline
  • Proficiency with Microsoft Office tools

The ability to manage large volumes of data, work collaboratively, and effectively multi-task are essential for success in this role. This is an excellent role for freshers interested in category management and e-commerce operations.

Content Writer Role

Job ID: 2401244 | ADCI HYD 16 SEZ

Location: Hyderabad

The Content Writer position is with the Alexa Data Services team. Alexa is Amazon’s popular voice-based virtual assistant.

As a Content Writer, you will work on diverse assignments to train AI models used by Alexa. Some key responsibilities include:

  • Evaluating responses generated by AI models
  • Writing creative stories based on provided topics
  • Assessing the factual accuracy of AI-generated text
  • Applying content guidelines for quality and policy compliance
  • Analyzing data to recommend improvements for content guidelines
  • Meeting stringent deadlines for content creation

This role provides an immersive experience in training data creation for AI models. You get to witness first-hand how Alexa leverages AI to understand user requests, engage in conversations, and perform tasks.

Skills Developed

As a Content Writer, you will develop expertise in these areas:

  • AI training data: Creating diverse training data like stories, dialogue, and content for Alexa AI models
  • Content research: Leveraging authoritative sources to fact-check AI-generated text
  • Data analytics: Identifying patterns and improvements based on content data
  • Quality control: Evaluating AI content for accuracy, grammar, style, and policy compliance
  • Creativity: Writing original stories and dialogues to improve Alexa’s conversational capabilities


  • Graduate/Master’s degree preferably in writing or linguistics
  • Strong written English skills
  • Logical thinking and attention to detail
  • Openness to night shifts to meet deadlines

This role is ideal for freshers interested in AI/ML and passionate about content creation. The experience will set you up well for future roles in conversational AI, NLP, and data analytics.

How to Apply for Amazon Jobs

Interested candidates can click on the Click here to apply buttons below for the Catalog Associate and Content Writer positions. The last date to apply is 10th September 2023.

Amazon offers competitive salaries for both roles along with performance-linked bonuses and stock options. Employees also get benefits like health insurance, retirement plans, and paid time off.

This is the right time to start your career with Amazon as the company continues to invest heavily in India. Grab the opportunity to work with leading experts on innovative products that are shaping the future. The learning and growth potential are immense for driven fresh graduates looking for a defining career break.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the eligibility criteria for Amazon’s Catalog Associate role?

The eligibility criteria for the Catalog Associate role is a graduate degree in any discipline and proficiency in using Microsoft Office tools.

What kind of salary can I expect for the Content Writer role at Amazon?

The salary range for the Content Writer role is estimated between Rs 3,40,600 to Rs 4,70,000 per annum. Compensation will depend on qualifications and experience.

Is work experience required for the Catalog Associate and Content Writer roles?

These openings are targeted at freshers, so no prior work experience is required. Fresh graduates are encouraged to apply.

What benefits does Amazon offer for these roles?

Amazon provides competitive pay, performance-linked bonuses, stock options, health insurance, retirement benefits, and other perks.

What are the key skills I can expect to learn in the Content Writer role?

Key skills that can be developed are AI training data creation, content research, data analytics, creativity and quality control.

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