Customer Success Executive at Groww: Online WFH Jobs 2023

Uncover an exciting opportunity to join Groww as a Customer Success Executive. This blog post offers valuable insights into the responsibilities, prerequisites, salary package, and application procedure for this dynamic role.

Groww work from home jobs 2023- customer success specialist

About Groww Customer Success Executive Position

Embark on an enriching journey as a Customer Success Executive at Groww. Gain insights into qualifications, responsibilities, and the application process. Join hands with Groww to simplify finance for millions, and contribute to a customer-focused, innovative environment. Apply now and set forth on a fulfilling career path. Groww is India’s fastest-growing investment platform. Our long-term vision is to become the trusted money partner of ~100M Indians with core products in investment & banking. Groww was founded in 2016 by alums from Flipkart, ICICI, IITB, IITD, and BITs Pilani and is backed by marquee investors like Tiger Global, Sequoia Capital, Ribbit Capital, and Y Combinator. 

RoleCustomer Success Executive
QualificationsBCOM / BBA / BA / BSC / MBA / PG
ExperienceFresher / Experienced
Salary6 LPA
LocationWork from Home

Job Overview and Eligibility Criteria

  • Understanding the Role: Gain an in-depth understanding of the responsibilities and expectations associated with the Customer Success Executive position.
  • Qualifications: Explore suitable educational backgrounds, including BCOM, BBA, BA, BSC, MBA, or PG.
  • Experience Considerations: Learn about opportunities for both newcomers and seasoned professionals.

Compensation and Location

  • Competitive Salary: Unveil an attractive salary package, offering a substantial 6 LPA.
  • Flexible Work Arrangement: Discover the convenience of remote work, allowing for a location-independent approach.

Groww’s Vision and Core Values

  • Empowering Financial Access: Discover Groww’s mission to democratize financial services access in India responsibly, and understand their commitment to customer-first principles.
  • Technology-Driven Solutions: Learn how Groww leverages technology and first-principle thinking to provide innovative solutions at scale.

Customer Success Executive Responsibilities

Requisite Skills and Expertise

  • Delivering Seamless Experiences: Understand the emphasis on providing seamless interactions, even during high-demand periods.
  • Technical Proficiency: Learn how technical acumen and the ability to simplify intricate concepts are paramount for effective customer engagement.
  • Empathy and Customer Focus: Discover how empathy and customer-centricity underpin successful customer interactions.
  • Multilingual Proficiency: Understand the value of regional language proficiency for enhanced customer engagement.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Technical Support and Training: Learn about assisting customers with technical queries and providing impromptu training on Groww’s products.
  • Enhancing Customer Satisfaction: Understand the role of ensuring customer contentment and educating them about product features and potential upgrades.
  • Feedback and Product Refinement: Discover how Customer Success Executives contribute to product enhancement by gathering feedback and addressing recurring issues.

Application Process For Groww Customer Success Specialist

  1. Diligent Review: Thoroughly peruse all information provided in this blog post.
  2. Locate the Application Link: Identify the apply link situated on the job web page.
  3. Access the Application Portal: Follow the link to access Groww’s application portal.
  4. Accurate Data Entry: Input accurate personal and requisite details into the application portal.
  5. Attention to Detail: Pay meticulous attention to instructions and ensure precise completion of all mandatory fields.
  6. Comprehensive Review: Conduct a comprehensive review of your application details before final submission.
  7. Accurate Contact Information: Verify the correctness of your contact details, qualifications, and professional experiences.
  8. Optimal Submission: Submit a complete and accurate application for a higher chance of selection.

Groww’s Remarkable Growth

  • Rapid Industry Recognition: Explore Groww’s impressive journey as India’s fastest-growing investment platform.
  • Trusted Financial Partner: Understand Groww’s aspiration to become the go-to financial companion for millions of Indians, offering pivotal investment and banking services.
  • Strong Investor Backing: Learn about Groww’s notable investors, including Tiger Global, Sequoia Capital, Ribbit Capital, and Y Combinator.


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